Helmets and regulations

Are you wearing a helmet when you cycle?

So do I.. (hopefully your answer was yes)

But did you know, that by law adult cyclist are only required to wear helmets in Australia and New Zealand? *

Well, here is the thing I’ve actually get the two sides of this.

Living , and obviously cycling daily in Amsterdam for about 4 years, I totally get the ‘no-helmet’ thing. I never wore one there.. and yes everything was fine. Other people have also described this phenomena, like ‘why dutch wont wear helmets’.

  1. There are major differences in roads and cycling paths aka the cars are less of a threat.

  2. The majority of people are riding a ‘Oma Fiets’ , so I allow myself to say, they are in general heavier - thus slower.

  3. Distances are smaller.

So yes, I get why in for example Amsterdam or Copenhagen people are less likely to wear helmets.

Overall I can just say - save your heads kids ;) be smart- wear a helmet.

*Yes, for children different rules apply.

Yes there are some exceptions in some countries, let’s take Spain on certain streets or Slovakia , outside of populated areas.

Read more about this law here