Flat tires..

We’ve all been there.. a flat one!

But how many flat tires per year does a commuter actually have, on an average?

Really hard to actually find proper statistics about it - the forums on the other hand are full of exactly these questions, read more about it at cyclingforum UK or mtbr.

A survey, done by the fietsen123 (also available in german) found that in the Netherlands about 48% of the bicycle commuters had one or more than one flat tire per year (in 2010).

We definitely have more than one puncture a year.

Of course, how many flat tires you have can be influenced by the amount of km/miles you cycle, the types of tires or even the bike you use, the surface you cycle on.. and the list goes on.

So we are curious to hear about you! As a commuter - how many flats do you have approximately a year?

Do you carry extra tires or a tool kit with you?

Which tires do you use?

And do you fix it yourself?